Incentivized Freebie Websites – IFWs

Incentivized freebie websites are websites that pay you to complete different offers. The offers are usually free trials but can be anything that cost from a pretty dollar to $20. The good thing with incentivized freebie websites is that the offers usually cost less than the money you will be making in return. For example, an offer may cost you $5 to join for a free trial and in return you will be paid $10 or something.

Your next question might be; why do they pay you so much when the offer is so little? Don’t you think they will lose money? Well, the simple answers are that they are hoping you become a reoccurring customer and that you will not cancel the trial membership. Whether by accident or on purpose, if you do not cancel the trial membership then you will be charged some price like $14.99 and they have already made their money back.

So, basically a IFW connects potential customers to companies and in return the IFW, and eventually you, will be paid.

One of the main concerns that other individuals have is that these websites are unethical. However there is nothing really unethical about these websites because the offers on these websites are incentivized (hopefully), which in layman’s terms mean that the marketing strategies used (such as cash and point prizes) are allowed. The customer then only completes the offer not out of need but only to get the prize. The customer then remains only a customer until they can cancel the membership. Which leads to a low conversion rate of trial memberships becoming recurring memberships. But trust me, companies that allow incentivized offers are well aware of this situation and pays IFWs accordingly.

Ways to make money.

1) The first way to make money is through completing the offers. We’ve already mentioned this way. Just complete a predetermined amount of offers and in return you will be paid “X” amount of dollars.

To truly make money from this, you have to keep good records of what was purchased and know when to cancel. Also there are terms and conditions that you must read so that you are not charged any processing fee or something of the like. Also make so you don’t spend too much as to when you get your prize you are not in the negative.

If you go through this method, there is a limit on free offers that are available to you and you will eventually have to come out of pocket. Also if you decide to look at other sites, the offers are pretty much the same and you cannot complete the same offer twice unless you sign up with a different name (I don’t recommend this), but the free offers are usually legitimate credit report companies and therefore require your SSN.

2) A better way to make money from these sites is to be the one offering the offers. Project Payday does this, but first you have to complete “Method 1” which coincidentally is labeled “1” on this page. Project Payday list a lot of forums and websites that allow a person to be the “offerer”. Another good website is – this is just a website/forum and unlike Project Payday, doesn’t have training materials. However, I am not touting how good Project Payday is but merely giving you the facts.

3) Referring others to these sites is an excellent way to make money as well. Zip Nada Zilch aka ZNZ is in my opinion an excellent site. For example, they have multiple sites where you can be the “offerer”. In particular, ZNZ One requires that you fill out one offer (usually free) and you are able to make money by referring others and offering the offers. This is different from other sites because other sites usually require you to complete multiple offers (which usually means out of pocket expense) before you can become the “offer-er”.

So in my opinion, you can make money from these incentivized freebie websites but it is not for everyone. I believe there is too much personal information going across the internet for me to be an avid user of IFWs. I do have to admit that I love ZNZ, not only because they “broke me in” but because ZNZ One only requires you to complete one offer and it was free and with a legitimate credit report company. All I have to do is refer someone to ZNZ One and I make $20. Not bad for a zero dollar investment.

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