Make Money Online With Your Niche

There are 1000s of business out on the web trying to make money.Only 10% of those business ever succeed.Why? Most Internet Business do not have a niche or Target Market.They are targeting everyone on the Internet.To truly Make Money online you need to have a target market. Narrow down who you are going to sell to.

The Internet is a vast place. If you don’t have a Niche with a specific target you will just be lost in all the Traffic. No one will find you.A Niche is a group of people looking for a solution to a specific problem.If you target Internet marketing That happens to be a very large broad market.So how do you find your piece of the pie?

The first thing is to find the target market before you find your product or service (Niche).Sounds backwards but you need to do it this way.It starts with keywords. If search Internet Marketing you will get 134,000,000 search results a real monster to tackle.So let’s narrow it down to a specific key phrase.

Lets search for Dallas Internet marketing services we get 2,2270,000 search results a little smaller still big so go one step further.Dallas Internet Marketing Optimization Services,this returns a niche market to break into. 105,000 search results returned.This is Search Phrase would be my target market.

This is where you have the best chance in this market to truly find your customers.This is just one example you can do this with and Niche or service.Make Money Online with a specific target market if the best way to truly build your business.You need to make money. Over time you can break into the bigger markets.

Now you have your market You need a good niche for that Market.So you would do the process in finding your niche. Research the top 15 web sites see what they’re doing to get an idea of what’s selling. This is truly the way to make Money Online.

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